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Geocaching Podcast

This podcast is all about Geocaching. Talk about things going on in the Geocaching world. We also bring you tips on geocaching, and more. We record live come talk with us. LIVE SHOW ON WEDNESDAYS 9:30PM EST Visit http://geocachingpodcast.com/live
  1. In tonight’s episode: We have our October Cacher Coffee show! Basically, any geocaching related topic is on the table to talk about tonight. Give us a call!

  2. In tonight’s episode: Geocaching can take you to some amazing places. Tonight we have a discussion about some of the amazing things we have seen or visited while geocaching. Call us and share yours!

  3. In tonight’s episode: Do you have a partner or a group you always go caching with? Or do you prefer to go find them solo? We discuss it all tonight!

  4. In tonight’s episode: We talk all about hide locations. The good, the bad & the ugly! How to choose a spot, the proper ways to get permission, and everything in between. Give us a call with your opinions!

  5. In tonight’s episode: We bring back the fan favorite call-in contest! This month? Best event you've hosted! Give us a call and let's hear about it. You just may win!